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East Coast Customs


East Coast Customs is Brisbane’s leading and most respected modification workshops. Located on Brisbane’s north side. East Coast Customs’ highly experienced and qualified technicians offer a wide variety of services, ranging from a simple logbook service all the way through to full vehicle customization, lift kits, suspension, 4×4 accessories, and high-level race / competition ready performance packages.

East Coast Customs worked with Digital Branding’s tech team to develop their sales people an automated quote system which would qualify their leads through engaging in a conversation on Facebook messenger. This chatbot would assist East Coast Customs sales people. Giving them the ability to qualify’ the leads before they jumped on the phone with them.

Pain Point

Overwhelmed with Facebook messages with no way of qualifying leads.

The East Coast Customs Facebook page would traditionally be swamped with messages & questions with no particular structure and no way of qualifying serious customers from just people browsing around. This resulted in a tonne of wasted time for the admin & sales staff, who would focus their attention on users who weren’t serious. This would be a frustrating process for the sales staff who would jump on the phone with unqualified leads and when they have very little information about the user before jumping on the phone. And admin staff would lose a lot of time trying to get back to every customer who messages them on their Facebook page.

East Coast Customs wanted an artificially intelligent chatbot developed which would automatically take care of any customer questions 24/7. This was to save the admin staff from having to answer questions and give customers access to information over and over again. They also wanted a way that anyone who was interested in getting a quote could simply click a link or scan a QR code and go through their Facebook messenger chatbot where they will be asked a range of questions which would give more information to the sales team, as well as qualify them as a customer before one of the sales staff takes the time to jump on the phone with the potential customer. This gave customers a personalized experience and allow them to save time, as they wouldn’t need to wait for East Coast Customs to get back in touch with them, they can get what they want instantly. This will also save East Coast Customs a lot of time.


Building an artificially intelligent chatbot tailored for qualifying leads.

Digital Branding’s tech team worked with East Coast Customs to build a super elaborate chatbot on their Facebook page. Giving them the ability to communicate with their customers and qualify leads 24/7. We did this by creating a series of questions that the user would answer. Questions that the sales team would normally ask over the phone, such as what the customer was looking for, when they were ready to get started or how much their budget was. All answers to these questions will be emailed directly to the sales team and seamlessly integrated with their CRM for them to be able to follow up with the customer.

Having a Facebook messenger chatbot handle all the customer communication has allowed East Coast Customs to save a lot of time, as they no longer need to follow up with non-serious leads. Questions such as “On a scale of 1-10, how important is getting the highest quality of work done on your car” were added in, to further qualify the lead. If their answer was below a 7 they were told that they wouldn’t be a very good fit to work with East Coast Customs. This would pre-empt the sales team before jumping on a phone call with the lead. The admin team also were able to save a tonne of time, not having to answer the same questions over and over again.


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The chatbot built by Digital Branding's tech team has allowed us to pre-qualify all of our leads by getting them to have a conversational experience with the artificially intelligent chatbot. We have been able to expand our chatbot past just a sales process and into using the chatbot to provide support & bookings. The team have been absolutely incredible. They have been supportive & helpful in making sure the chatbot is running effectively & that our customers & our team at ECC have the best possible experience, I cant imagine my success with out it.

Rob McKenzieManaging Director - East Coast Customs